The Secret To Writing Attention-Grabbing Recruiting Emails

Recruiters face a difficult task on a daily basis – writing attention-grabbing recruiting emails. This may sound simple, but recruiters are reaching out to people they don’t know well or at all and need to grab their interest quickly.

This recruiting tool can be performed efficiently and effectively by following these steps:

Personalize the subject line

Recruiters must create individual, personal subject lines. Candidates may not know the recruiter and will therefore be receiving an email from an unknown address. If the email isn’t automatically sent to their spam folder, recruiters have to hope their subject line is enough to stop candidates from simply hitting the delete button. To grab the person’s attention, use his or her name. For example: “Claire – a great job opportunity has opened up near you.” Your goal should be for the candidate to know instantly your email isn’t spam.

Introduce yourself

After you’ve caught the candidate’s attention, provide a brief introduction of who you are and why you’re contacting him or her. Be sure to include how you found this

via <a href=’’>The Secret To Writing Attention-Grabbing Recruiting Emails – ZipRecruiter Blog</a>.


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