15 Crazy Best Practices That Really Work | LinkedIn

. Being Messy With Our Employees
cc52b-mynameisBeing involved with your employees is messy, but it’s worth it. We live in an age where employees increasingly expect to have meaningful connections with the people they work with and the people they work for. The old school model of keeping work at work is quickly fading away, so establish appropriate boundaries, and lead your team through genuine relationships.- Seth Talbott, Preferling2. Valuing Our NetworkNone of my company’s successes would exist if it weren’t for the people in my network. It’s tough to do anything alone, so I live and breathe the notion that ‘your network is your net worth.’ By cultivating and managing my network, I’m able to see success where I wouldn’t have otherwise.- Darrah Brustein, Network Under 40 / Finance Whiz Kids /Equitable Payments3. Making Friends, Not ClientsWe aren’t out to just make money and move on. We want our clients to develop meaningful relationships with our agency that extend beyond just ROI. From day one, the clear driving factor for our success has been word-of-mouth advertising. That means taking time to actually create a relationship with everyone we work with and work toward their success as well.- Vinny Antonio, Victory Marketing Agency4. Obsessing Over Data AnalysisAt Speek, we have instilled a culture of obsessive%2

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