THE Worst Boss Pronouncement | LinkedIn

How do you answer a Boss that says ” Your job is to make ME look good?”

Will you ever tell me if I am making you look too good so I know what to stop doing?

When I make you look good will you share your raise with me?

You are an ass and I will make sure I get the credit I deserve for any work I do. Even if I have to go to your boss.

Study after study after study shows that the number one factor in job satisfaction is one’s boss. If the boss is a jerk, no matter how much you enjoy the work, you are not going to be satisfied. Those who are most satisfied have managers who know them and have their best interests in mind. The best managers DON’T take credit as individuals; they work as a team and share the credit. The best managers listen to those who are performing the work about how to make it better. The best managers ensure everyone is off the plane safely before they get in the lifeboats on the Hudson River.

via THE Worst Boss Pronouncement | LinkedIn.


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