Employee Engagement Edition

Best practices for building employee engagement are shifting as HR leaders continue to discover what keeps employees happy and invested in their work. This week’s’ 5 for Friday brings you articles with insight and information on what it really takes to get employees engaged and keep them that way.5 for Friday: Employee Engagement Edition

The 5 New Rules of Employee Engagement. ERC: “Historically, employee engagement has been an employer initiative or an annual survey endeavor. It’s been mostly focused on implementing workplace programs, but not addressing systemic, cultural problems that hinder engagement. This traditional approach has had limited success. Nowadays, the more effective way to improve employee engagement is embedding it into the culture: assessing it on an ongoing basis via surveying, having senior leaders commit to it as a priority, cascading it throughout the organization, and sustaining it.”

Employee Engagement Starts in the Recruiting Process. Acacia HR Solutions: “First impressions are hard to overcome. Imagine an employee who went through a crappy interview process. They took the job because they were really interested in the opportunity – or worse – they just needed to work. Even if you do everything right from the start, you are starting behind. The employee already has a negative impression of the company that you have to overcome just to get to ground zero. Any negative occurrences just reinforce what happen to them in the recruiting process and employee engagement takes a few steps back again.”

Employee Bonding: How Work Benefits. BambooHR: “Sometimes employees feel strained interacting with one another inside the office. But when employees are taken outside the office and are surrounded by an informal setting—even trees and birds if you provide an outdoor setting—they can relax and enjoy each other’s company. Other times, employers provide a weekend retreat that includes dinners and seminars. Because employees are spending time together after hours and in different situations as a whole group, employees have more opportunities for bonding and relating to one another in finding common interests. It’s nice to get away from the ringing telephones and other office noises and really get to know each other.”

via 5 for Friday: Employee Engagement Edition – MonsterThinking | MonsterThinking.


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