9 Tips for Making a Temporary Job Permanent

This shows a walmart rollback/unbeatable price...

This shows a walmart rollback/unbeatable price that is the lowest I’ve seen. It’s for folders and spiral notebooks. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


What\’s one area of the workforce that\’s seen a huge increase in the last few years? Temporary employment. That bastion of often low-paid work many of us fear to get close to is doing better than ever. But it\’s not just low paying jobs at Walmart.


Many large firms, online shopping outlets and previously uninterested industries are using temps, freelancers and contract workers as a means to an end. There\’s a huge demand from the health care sector (hospitals and doctor\’s offices), as well as from the legal, tech and graphic design industries. And staffing agencies have had to expand their reach in order to cater to all of them.


Some illuminating stats:


\”Employers spent $1 billion last year hiring workers for short-term projects through online labor exchanges\” (Source: Staffing Industry Analysts).


This year, Amazon.com hired over 70,000 temp-workers to fill their holiday orders (Source: Venturebeat).


Unlike any other sector, the use of temps has jumped more than 50 percent in the last four years (Source: American Staffing Association).


At least 27 percent of temporary assignments lead to permanent positions (Source: Upjohn Institute of Employment Research).


All of these strongly suggest a long-term trend. At least that\’s what Sunil Sani, Co-founder of Career Glider, believes.


\”In today\’s environment, I think one of the best ways for a solid yet un-employed person to break into the job market,\” says Sani, \”is through temping. At the very least, you gain insider insight from working at the company.\”


via 9 Tips for Making a Temporary Job Permanent | Tom Lowery.




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