Evolve or Die

All Marketers Are Liars

All Marketers Are Liars (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Agencies Must Evolve or Die


A new study conducted by the CMO Network on Forbes asks nearly 2,000 chief marketers a bunch of questions, including the best ad agency of the year, how important is integrated marketing communication, and how they feel about measurement, the agency model, the pitch, and more.


The chief marketers mostly commented on the relationships they have with the large agencies, particularly those under holding companies.


What’s interesting is their feeling on how well digital is being integrated into the agency model, with some going as far as to say agencies are “acquiring assets, but having difficulty integrating digital capabilities.”


In fact, nearly three quarters believe agencies are not adapting well to the digital age. A typical comment was, “I think they have given up adapting and are laying low. I see very little interest in changing.”


The World Has Changed, But Marketing Has Not


I see very little interest in changing. I see very little interest in changing.


I can’t get past that statement.


The world has changed. The way we get information has changed. The way we get our news has changed. The way we communicate has changed.


But the organizations responsible for communicating with us have very little interest in changing.


In fairness, people spend more than 30 percent of our time online, but nearly all marketers allocate less than 20 percent of their budgets to online communication.


But the bigger issue – and I’ve seen this myself with the exception of one or two global agencies – is they are hiring people with large Twitter followings or big blog readership to build their digital departments, but they’re not welcomed by, integrated with, or even officed near the more traditional departments.


Like their chief marketer peers, they are overwhelmed by the explosion of communication channels available, but have no idea how to integrate, message consistently, or work with other agencies to do what’s best for the client company.


So they add a department that does good work online and call it a day.


via Evolve or Die | Social Media Today.




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