Benefits of Direct Hire Placement Services for Administrative ,Executive and Clerical Staffing

Candidate Poster

Candidate Poster (Photo credit: kingfishpies)

Key Benefits of Direct Hire Placement Services

Hiring the right staffing firm will give you the benefit of knowing each applicant is well qualified for the position you’re trying to fill. We apply the same rigorous screening processes in our direct hire placement services as we do in our temporary staffing business. In addition to the same benefits our temporary staffing clients receive, there are a few more key benefits direct hire placement services may bring to each client.

Check out these key benefits:

We’re not just matching skills, we’re matching people to a career

Do you want to hire a candidate who has the right skills for the job? Of course. But if you’ve been in business long, you know how important it is to find people you can count on, people who you trust will be there for the long haul. That’s why we carefully screen each candidate to weed out the short-term job seekers from the long-term career seekers.

Most direct hire placement is charged on a contingency fee basis

You’ll only pay if we’re able to find the right candidate for your position. No upfront fees.

A staffing company who will mirror your hiring processes

One of the biggest concerns you might consider when researching staffing companies to find a direct hire candidate is whether or not their hiring procedures will be a match for the criteria you need the candidate to meet.


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