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Show off your skills in a big, BIG, way.


Most people spend the first week of their job focusing on settling in and getting to know the people around them. I’m all for that, but that does not necessitate an entire week to do either. What you want to do is push yourself to go above and beyond in something that is not listed outright in your duties syllabus.


When I was first hired, my boss was just beginning to look into the idea of becoming a contributing writer with various business blogs and wanted me to reach out to a list she had put together. I contacted the various editors at these sites and waited. But rather than waiting on these individuals to get back to me, I also started Googling some sites of my own to see if there were any other cool places we could write at in the meantime. The first site that got back to me that was a small business focused online magazine headquartered in London with an active Twitter following. It was not on the original list, but it did become the first place that an article I had ghostwritten under her name was featured. And there’s nothing more exciting than to say your first assignment got attention (and a new audience drawn in) across the pond either.


Don’t be content to follow the instructions given and never deviate from them. Reach out and keep reaching in all kinds of directions – you never know what might bite!


via How to Be a Social Media Managers | Social Media Today.


via Social Media Managers , the new Marketing Gurus.





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