Do people know you or are you just tweeting to yourself? 10 Questions to Ask When Measuring Your Social Media ROI |

Social Media is a new concept, if you can believe it in the world where everything from Food to Church has a website, a twitter feed and a web presence. Using this massively useful tool to make your business, your work or your personal brand a household name has been touted as the best way to effectively market in today’s society of smartphones for everyone from your seven year old cousin to your 100 year old grandmother. Is it though? Is social media always the way a good thing?

The short answer is no. We know that social websites can turn on people. Kanye West , after the drunken Taylor Swift incident spoke once about the disheartening way  people were able to just contact him through twitter and berate him. That is, of course, one example of how the immediacy of social media can be a bad thing.

The other side of that is companies like Amazon, Google and Nutella (The Hipsters best friend!) that use all social media platforms to rule the internet in their respective worlds. How do they accomplish this? What is the secret to Social Media Domination?

In an article by Kim Lachance Shandrow for Entrepreneur she discusses how to know that you are getting the right kind of return on your social media investment

Starting with the simple question

What good are likes and retweets over social media if they don’t add to your company’s bottom line?

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