You want WHAT?! The Hunt for the Purple Squirrel

As a recruiter there is very little that is more frustrating than a client that wants the whole world tied in a neat little bow for 25K. The frustration usually comes more from a client that doesn’t know exactly what they want , just that it is rare. Vagaries like ” a wow factor” or ” I will know it when I see it” makes recruiters crazy!!

The truth is that Purple Squirrel hunting is part of the job. It is the knowledge that the perfect person for the job is out there that often drives a company to hire a recruiter in the first place.  If you are on the hunt for a purple squirrel there are many things that you have to think of, before you even start

  1. Don’t worry about the money . If your client wants the person they will pay the price.
  2. Be precious about your time. Sourcing can become your life . do not allow that . put aside a specific time everyday for that position and if you don’t find them , put it away until the next allotted time. Unless they are your only client and they give you so much business that you won’t even need new clients, remember this is ONE position.
  3. Realize that you may NOT find the right person. Have your back up people just in case you can not find the 24 year old Harvard/Oxford IT grad with 5 years experience and a  million dollar selling Google Play  app that your client wants to hire.

Is the hunt for the ‘purple squirrel’ stalling job growth? — NewsWorks.

Purple Squirrel: Stand Out, Land Interviews, and Master the Modern …


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