Love the game and the player , Gamification of the everyday person

I have called myself a minor gamer for most of my life. I have always loved the way that it feels to get achievements and try for the next thing , and I have always been motivated by the timers. In my life I have done this as a way to learn new things and get to the next level in things that were difficult but I never thought of how  they were the same  achievement based ideas that have made me love games. Gamification is an amazing new concept that helps to motivate  you in everyday life. Think of the way that you feel when you get a new badge in the a game, how the silly new achievement  makes you walk a little taller. This is something that can actually help you achieve your life’s goals . Several new apps on Google play and Itunes help you get your achievement based goals in the same way as PlayStation or Xbox 360. You can set up the goals and assign points to the achievement and even earn badges, or earn treats if that is your motivator. Do your sales calls and get a 100 points , 500 points equals a Pumpkin spice Latte. People find it easier to work towards something as opposed to just the task itself.


elow are some more examples of how gaming can help you fix the everyday motivation problem. Jane McGonigal ( how much does my Harry Potter meter love that name?) even talks about how it has helped her with the debilitating illness that she suffered.

Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world | Video on

Jane McGonigal: The game that can give you 10 extra years of life …

via Love the game and the player , Gamification of the everyday person.


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