Client Communication

In today’s volatile markets, you may find yourself avoiding difficult client conversations. After all, it is never pleasant dealing with clients whose portfolios may have precipitously declined in value. However, investors continue to cite frequent communication as one of the key attributes they prize most in an investment professional, particularly during unsettled times. In fact, by continuing to reach out, you will go a long way toward strengthening your relationships—and maybe even uncover new opportunities to expand them.

Five Steps for Effective Client Communications

  1. Contact all of your clients. Your first reaction might be to approach only your top clients. However, in a tough environment, all of your clients need reassurance and the comfort that comes from knowing you are on their side. If you work on a team, you might divide your “a,” “b” and “c” clients among team members to maximize your client retention efforts. You may even consider calling your top clients and sending others a letter suggesting they contact you to set up an appointment for a client review. Regardless of how or to whom, be sure to respond promptly, in other words, within two to four business days, to each reply.


Read the entire article via Five Steps to Effective Client Communication in Difficult Times.


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