What is the Secret to Keeping a Good Worker?

There is a song about finding the person that you want to spend your life with that goes something like ” when you think that you are done , then you start back at one”. It gives you step by step instruction on haw to get a person and then they basically say ” now to keep her , repeat , indefinitely” and that is also true of the work relationship.   No one likes to go to work if they feel under appreciated and useless. No one likes going to work to feel overwhelmed and over stressed.How then do you find good people and keep them? The answer is fairly simple. People like to know that they are  appreciated,  and that the work they do is of use.  of TLNT writes 

The secret to employee retention is not to try and reinvent the wheel, but emulate the practices used by organizations that have been very successful at keeping their staff.


Two such organizations are Marriott Hotels and Southwest Airlines. Both companies have extremely low staff turnover, while still consistently posting profits.

read more via How Do You Find and Keep Great People? Make Them Feel Special.


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