Identified Launches Identified Recruit, Database of 1 Billion Job Candidates

Big data and analytics company Identified recently announced that it has created the largest source of searchable, professional profiles available—1 billion candidates. This massive database is now available through the company’s lead product, Identified Recruit.

Although compared to LinkedIn, the company says its new tool’s professional information is not limited by its user base. Identified Recruit uses real-time web and social media information to make it “the only comprehensive offering that covers both multiple industries and multiple data sources.” Instead of relying on user-generated data, the platform recognizes and processes professional data from almost any public social media source while simultaneously protecting privacy by anonymizing the information. This helps identify hard-to-find talent for industries that have difficulty finding qualified hires through social recruiting.

Identified Recruit discovers qualified talent for the niche positions—those roles not as popular among other databases—within healthcare, retail, finance, and manufacturing, to name a few.

“Identified Recruit gives recruiters a competitive edge by opening up a new channel to source and engage with candidates you can’t find with other tools. Identified’s technology captures and organizes professional information contained in the social web (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Github, Pinterest etc.) and makes it searchable and relevant to recruiters,” said Adeyemi Ajao, co-founder and co-CEO of Identified. “Once the recruiter identifies their candidates, they can seamlessly message them with average response rates five times higher than standard forms of communications.”

The company has tested the new recruiting technology over the past year, specifically in healthcare markets, and was recognized as “a key source of specialized talent for critical care roles.” A couple testing results include:

Identified Recruit offers recruitable profiles for 47,648 Certified Nurse’s Aides, while LinkedIn only has 8,345.

When it comes to Surgical Technicians, Identified Recruit has over 3,502 profiles, where only 87 can be found on LinkedIn.

via Identified Launches Identified Recruit, Database of 1 Billion Job Candidates.

via Identified Launches Identified Recruit, Database of 1 Billion Job Candidates.


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