Emails and Bad Grammar | The High Calling

I have a love-hate relationship with emails. I love the ease and speed of email communication, but I hate it when I make mistakes. You know the feeling. If you don\’t, if you\’re one of those people who never make mistakes in emails, God bless you. But for me, I make mistakes. It\’s usually on a day when the world is crazy and I\’m already pushing ahead on the next project, but still finishing up the last one. I look back at some of those rushed emails and think, \”What was I thinking when I constructed that sentence?\”

But I\’m getting better. Even on the busiest of days, I force myself to slow down and read through an email. It\’s helped. Having flawless email still escapes me, but I see improvements.

However, there for a while, I found myself edging toward a dangerous situation. Feeling somewhat embarrassed by my errors, I began to take more time to proof them. Okay, nothing wrong with that. But then, I found myself taking longer and longer with each email. Spell check. Proof it. Ah, better spell check one more time. Better read over it one more time. Hmmm . . . just to be safe, spell check one more time. . . . You get the picture.

As a consultant, I sometimes encounter a battle between excellence and perfection. What\’s the difference, you may ask? One employee makes a mistake, sets a goal to improve, and

via Emails and Bad Grammar | The High Calling.


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