Cost of a Bad Hire

In today’s world, because good qualified people are harder to find, companies find themselves interviewing more and more candidates to fill one position. Unfortunately, due to this fact, many interviewers feel they make the right choice only half the time. As a result, companies pay dearly for these mistakes—often 35% more of an employee’s annual salary – to find a suitable replacement, in addition, companies experience wasted training time, loss of productivity, and lowered morale of current staff. One of the biggest mistakes when interviewing job candidates is making a hiring decision with the first five to ten minutes of the interview. Many also respond to first impressions or physical appearance.

Here are just some of the characteristics good recruiters look for in their candidates:

  • Bright – Abstract reasoning ability, that are able to look at complex problems and see patterns that can lead to solutions.
  • Flexible – Individuals who are willing to modify their approach as changing conditions and circumstances require them to do so.
  • Competent – Yesterday’s competency is today’s history lesson, there needs to be moving talent for new ideas.
  • Confident – They are eager to step forward, make decisions, take responsibility and most importantly, act.



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